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International Agricultural & Food Trade Agency

What We Do

"IntAgriFood" International Agricultural & Food Trade Agency finds partners for global agricultural industries, food manufacturers to buy or import products they need in their production and sell food in the region or export around the world including agrifood and processed food – meat and poultry meat, dairy products, canned food, egg and eggs products, fish and fish products, honey and bee products, beans, grains, flour, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, oils, seeds, coffee, tea and cacao, nuts and kernel, as well as sugar and sweets, tobacco products. We also find clients on export and import for food additives, beverage – alcohols and soft drinks, natural juices, feed for farm animals, organic and non-organic agrochemicals.
Our goal is to help our customers sell and buy more products from and for agriculture worldwide, enlarging their business opportunities.

Mission & Vision

We help our customers buy and sell products quickly and beneficial, which stimulates the increase of production, allowing manufactures to maximize their market opportunities, create new jobs, which, in turn, contributes to the reduction of poverty. Parallel with the rapid growth of the world population, sufficient quantity of food is necessary to be ensured for human existence. Given that circumstance, "IntAgriFood" International Agricultural & Food Trade Agency promotes commodity circulation of agricultural products.

Culture & Values

Our customers' confidence and expectations are very important to us. Given current market requirements, we strive to make each product purchase and sale organized for the benefit of our customers.

Our Advantages

- Before cooperation with the clients, we check the customers' profiles in order to be sure dealing with reliable clients;
- We have large database of reliable buyers and suppliers in agrifood sector, including all type of oils and even used cooking oil;
- We do our best to coordinate the deal with suppliers and buyers to whom we offer a partner, from the negotiations to delivery of products;
- We save your time - we coordinate and search instead of you;
- We can provide licensed customs brokers and logistic services in any country of partnership.

Our Market

We work worldwide enabling your company with a wide circle of trade for agricultural products and food as well as beverage, food additives, animal feed and agrochemicals that, in turn, enlarges your market place opportunities.

Research and Training

Our research project and training are focused in beekeeping in Armenia. There are two subspecies of the honey bee in Armenia: Mountain Caucasian Grey Bee (Apis mellifera caucasia) and Caucasian Yellow Bee of Meghri population (Apis mellifera remipes Gerst., often famous as Apis mellifera armeniaca). We have a lot of experience in apiculture of Armenia. Currently, our research project is to breed better bees by instrumental insemination of queens. We also do comparison studies of naturally mated and instrumental inseminated queens.
We train beekeepers in more 75 communities of Armenia in general beekeeping practice, queen rearing and breeding and organic beekeeping. By means of our training, many big operations saved their bees from the losses. They were trained on how to maintain colonies correctly, what scheme to apply for treating against varroa mite, how to manage their organic beekeeping operations, how to find a market for Armenian honey.
Currently, we also work for exporting Armenian delicious honey. Any honey buyers, who are interested in buying or importing Armenian honey, are welcomed to discuss future business opportunities.